Holeshot Racing has 26 years experience in all forms of motorcycle sport, here tadalafil  for performance from mild to as extreme as our own 708hp, 257.4mph UK Land Speed Record holding turbo Hayabusa. For all Road Racing, Drag Racing, Hillclimb, Autograss, Motorcross, etc. We are an Official Dynojet Powercommander Tuning Centre and have Dynojet load cell car and bike dyno's.

H2 V8 Engine


Fastest Woman in the World

Jo Stevenson sets new outright world female landspeed record at 243.5mph for a standing start mile on Jack Frost's Holeshot Racing hayabusa turbo

Fastest grandad - Mike Grainger

Mike Grainger sets UK 2 way speed record and does personal best of 249mph on his Holeshot Racing turbo hayabusa. Elvington 2012 and also becomes fastest grandad in the world

Kawasaki ZX10R 2012/13 turbo kit coming soon

Kawasaki 2013 ZX10R turbo kit coming soon

Unfaired landpseed record

Jack Frost, buy viagra purchase Holeshot Racing sets naked bike records doing 237mph unfaired at Elvington Aug2011 and 241 Woodbrige 2009

Top Gear Track Record

Atom 500 V8 takes Top Gear track record with H1 V8 busa.

BMW S1000RR Turbo

Holeshot BMW S1000RR turbo is finally finished - the 1st one in the world.

World Wheelie Speed Record

Congratulations to Paddy Sullivan from Ireland breaking the World wheelie speed record on Holeshot gsxr1000 turbo at 189.4mph for the kilometre wheelie.

Disabled Land Speed Record

Shane Wogan sets new disabled land speed record on Holeshot hayabusa turbo at 237.2mph with only one arm!!!