H2 - 4 Cylinder Engine

This is another fantastic engine design in co-operation with John Hartley. The base engine is 1485cc - 250hp, sale generic viagra and has upgrade options of:- 1558cc - 260hp, viagra or 1596cc - 270hp and Turbo options up to 600hp to make this one of the strongest and lightest engine available. This engine uses the Suzuki hayabusa topend on a full billet bottom end which is fully dry sumped.

It can be supplied in kit form or complete to any of our tuned specifications. The bottom end is machined from 7075 billet. It can be mated to many gearboxes. It uses a 4 stage dry sump system which from bottom of engine to centre line of crank is 116mm. It uses a 140mm dia clutch and 215mm dia flywheel, malady it can be mounted a lot lower than a stock hayabusa engine. The engine only weighs 65kg (25 Kg lighter than stock busa engine with internal bike gearbox). 

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