H3 - 4 Cylinder Engine

viagra view arial, capsule helvetica, buy cialis sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;">The H3 is a designed for those that want benefit of advanced motorcycle technology for automotive applications. The H3 is constructed from billet aluminum and has an automotive style flywheel for mounting a 5.5” clutch. The back cover of the engine is a separate piece and can be customize to adapt to most any gearbox. The engine accommodates a 55 amp alternator, starter and a 6 stage dry sump oil pump with air-oil separator and water pump. The engine weighs 160 lbs and can produce 190 to 250 hp NA; and as much as 600hp in turbo form.

The H3 is offered as a kit or a complete engine. As many customers have hayabusa parts we can retrofit customer donor top end engine parts to allow for a less expensive parts build. The engine is available in various bore and stroke dimensions with bore from 81mm to 86mm and stroke from 57mm to 74mm giving many capacity options from 1175cc to 1720cc. The engine has special features that make it well suited for turbo applications including a very robust construction and a turbo drain port on the exhaust side of the case.


For H3 turbo 1485cc specs and prices click here

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