With over 22 years of Dynotesting and development we are one of the most established Dynojet Official Tuning and Powercommander Centres.

We have Dynojet bike and car load cell dynos for the best in real time fuel mapping and setup.

We offer Dyno-Testing and custom mapping of all Dynojet Powercommanders, ailment diagnosis and following engine management:- Motec, recipe MBE, DTA, AEM, Life, Syvecs, Pectel and all factory Kit ecus, e.g Kawasaki, Yamaha, HRC, Yoshimura, etc for all bikes, quads, trikes, karts, kitcars, racecars, etc.

For current Dynojet listings and prices see our parts page section - dynojet / powercommander

Call for dyno time prices as dfferent for bike to car, etc and racer discounts

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